The benefits of hiring a professional web developer

Web development has changed over the years, for 2018 businesses need to understand the importance of having a well-crafted website. The sheer amount of information that someone has to know to build a successful website is vast.

A professional web developer will know how to make an impression on your customers. The placement of images, the colors you choose, all play a special role in converting website traffic into paying customers. It takes only 1/10 of a second for a user to make an opinion about your website.

A website is the converging point of all online marketing efforts, 85% of consumers get the feel of a website before making a purchase decision and 94% of consumers first impressions are web design related.

A professional web developer offers years of experience that will save you time and help you avoid costly mistakes. Incorporating industry best practices into the core structure of the site, offering better search engine ranking (SEO) and performance.

The internet is the new way people find what they are looking for, professional web developers understand how to develop an effective plan and take the time to build a website that caters to your specific business needs. For instance, a local brick and mortar business will need a different strategy than an online-only business.

Hiring a professional web developer offers several benefits over "do it yourself" website solutions. Services such as Wix, Squarespace, etc.. make it easy to create a quick web presence, but lack in several key metrics such as performance, search engine ranking (SEO), customizability, and overall visual aesthetic.

38% of visitors will leave if the layout of your site is unattractive, a professional web developer will offer creativity and skills that they've developed throughout their academic and professional experience. For instance, beginners may not be aware of the many features a website can offer such as metric tracking, A/B testing, and well-placed buttons to name a few.

The endless possibilities available to you open up with a professional web developer. Anything you see on the web can be done, if you choose a website builder such as Wix, Squarespace or similar options you will run into problems with site speed, customizability, overall site quality, image resolution, design aesthetic and you are limited to only the features offered to you.

Professional website developers make room for changes, over time your website will grow and change just like your business. Often times its much cheaper to pay for your own hosting and hold control over all of your website files.

A professional website developer will save you money in the long run. If you choose a "do it yourself" website builder then you will need a graphic designer, SEO specialist, and have to find someone to make future improvements that often times cannot be done because these sites have their own set of features and limitations set by the creators of the platform.

Overall a high-quality website will help your business stand out from the crowd. A website that loads within 1 - 5 seconds will have a 90% higher chance of ranking on google search results.

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